Friday, January 11, 2013

Wow, I Forgot about this...for 2 years!

So, I totally forgot that we had a blog.  So, here a short run-down of what's happening in the Benson household in the 2+ years since our last post.

  1. I graduated from Penn State in May 2011.
  2. I had a job lined up by February of 2011.
  3. We moved to Warrensburg, Missouri.  I am now a professor of Scene Design and Technology for the Department of Theatre & Dance at The University of Central Missouri.
  4. My colleagues are incredible.  
  5. We love it here.
  6. Angie is going back to school to compete her degree.
  7. Angie is getting much work as a pianist and music director around Warrensburg and Kansas City (about an hour away).
  8. I am getting much work as a scene designer, in addition to designing for the department.
  9. I hate the school's mascot.  It looks like a braying ass.
  10. Max in 4 year old now.  
  11. He's awesome and he loves it here.
  12. I have a show opening up in Kansas City today, at the American Heartland Theatre.  Hound of the Baskervilles, ala "Reduced Shakespeare Company."
That's the short run-down.  More to come!