Monday, March 2, 2009

Teddy Bears

I took Max with me to a doctor's appointment on campus today. It was pretty blustery, so I had him bundled up in a fuzzy snowsuit that makes him look like a little bear, but really it's supposed to be a puppy. As I was pushing him in his stroller to find a seat in the waiting room, we passed two big burly football player types. 

And guess what came out of their mouths?

"Awwwwwwww!" (You know the sound- the kind of 'awww' you hear when one sees... well, a really cute baby dressed as a little bear/puppy!)

It got even better when we had to pass them again once my name was called. One of them actually started talking to me and said "He is soooo adorable!"

It's kind of fun to watch big grown men turn into jello, but then again, I should be used to it with Michael and Max's Uncle Dave already. =)  

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Betty said...

Hi I met you on twittermoms,
Your little guy is too cute. Our son was a preemie too. He weighed 2lbs 07oz and now you can't tell he used to be a preemie lol!