Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sony, Do you Read the Internet at ALL?

The repairman came out to fix my computer today. Good news: he doesn't have to do anything with the hard drive, so all my info/projects/etc are safe. Bad news: Sony doesn't realize, like the rest of the world, that their computers have a design flaw on the power switch that causes the problem just like the one I'm having. It's posted all over the internet with the proper course of action: replace the power "tube". However, when the repairman arrived, he had what Sony sent him based on what they thought it would take to repair the problem, a new motherboard and new memory modules. A new power tube was not part of the package. He knew what the problem was, I knew what the problem was, I'm pretty sure our dog knew what the problem was. Sony didn't.

So he had to call Sony back to tell them to send a new power tube. It will be here later this week.

Get on the ball, Sony. I like your stuff, but if you keep this up, I'll be getting a Dell or a Mac next time.

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Scott T said...

Mac. Do it. And I LOVE how the word verification I have to type is Culvers. It's like Blogger can read into my soul.