Saturday, September 12, 2009


This morning we tailgated with our friends Todd & Liz at the Penn State vs. Syracuse game. I've never been to a Big 10 game and was a little blown away by the magnitude of everything. Full-size motor homes, tents, grills, tables/lawn chairs- the whole shebang! It kind of reminded me of the MN State Fair. Traffic was crazy, though probably not as crazy as it might be on a nicer game day. (It was drizzly this morning, though it stopped in time for the game.) We missed Todd's breakfast, but made it in time for his delicious steak sandwiches. I took cinnamon applesauce bread and butterscotch brownies as well. And of course, the Yuengling!

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Anonymous said...

Spectacular, isn't it? I always thought the tailgating bit was a little weird when I was a student but now one of our goals in life is to have a camper just for the purpose of going to Penn State games. Or moving back to State College. Something about that place... I can't pinpoint it... it just gets into you.