Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Brother, My Friend

Well, the day that seemed so far away is now here. My brother E is leaving for Iraq today. 

I'm almost so full of words that I don't know what to say. On one hand, I'm SO crazy proud of him for what he's doing for not only our country, but for the future of his children. On the other, I hate that he has to go over there and leave his kids and his new (awesome) girlfriend. But the sooner he leaves, the sooner he'll be back, so I guess it's time to get this show on the road. (Or as he says "It's time to just get it done".)

E and I have always been close. No matter what craziness life brought us through the years, we've almost always been in contact. We share so many hilarious and happy childhood memories and can go on for hours reminiscing. We both have a deep appreciation for music of the 80's and 90's (the 'soundtrack' of our youths), so I made him a couple CD's of 'old school' music to burn to his iPod for while he's over there and plan to send him new 'installments' if the postal service will allow it. (If he's lucky, I'll throw in some Slim Jims and granola bars as well.) 

On that note, I'll miss hearing "We Are the World" on my phone, signaling that he's calling.

I'm thankful for technology though. Once he's settled in, he should (hopefully) have access to the internet again, so we'll be able to at least email and if we're lucky, talk and see each other via Skype. (The good folks at Skype will be my main source of contact with both E and Michael for a month this summer while he's studying in England! I do admit to some frustration with them in the past week, but it's really more the speed (or lack of) my laptop processor, so I'll try to remember that so as not to tick them off. It's not a good idea to tick off the ones who allow you access to your loved ones, right?) 

I will think of and pray for E's safety and strength every day he's away. Come home soon, Baby Erie. I love you, Bro. =)

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