Sunday, May 10, 2009

1st Mother's Day

Today was my first Mother's Day and it was awesome! Max is the most amazing little boy and I am so thankful to be his Mommy. Luckially, I learned from the best! (Happy Mother's Day, Moms! I love you!)

We started the day at church with our friends Amalia & Hullar, then on to a deeelicious brunch, complete with a very potent Mother's Day mimosa. (Boo-ya!) Then we headed to a huge book sale in the Ag building on campus. The Maxster was very tired by that point (borderline rowdy), so we headed back home for family nap time. I'm a big fan. 

I eventually made a Target run on my own and picked up the goods for our Relay for Life shirts. We're making Max a onesie and I'm making a shirt for myself because can you believe it?- we couldn't find an 'I support my husband/testicular cancer survivor' shirt anywhere online! Crazy! There's *every* other possible family member (even DOGS)  and other type of cancer out there, but not any for a testicular cancer survivor wife. What the heck?! So anyway, I decided to just make my own and it will rock. Hard. =) I was even lucky enough to find an actual orchid t-shirt, which is the 'ribbon' color for testicular cancer. 

(Side note: it's not too late to donate to the cause- the relay is next weekend! Michael is just $242.31 shy of his $1,000 fundraising goal. Please click on the box to the right if you feel so moved! Thank you!)

As I wrap this up, I want to mention four special ladies: my friend Jenn, HeatherShana and a high school friend. These four mothers have very recently lost their beautiful children and my heart goes out to them. I'm sure that this day was not easy, but I will remember all of their kids in my heart and I hope you will, too. 


Jenn said...

I hope that your first Mother's Day was great, Ange.
Thank you for your thoughts of me on that day.
Love you, friend.

Anonymous said...

*love* the Ag arena book sale! we tried to hit it every year while in school. now we just have to finish the house so we can have room for the many many many boxes of books we collected! :)