Friday, May 15, 2009

Relay Eve

Tomorrow is the Relay for Life.

I do the Relay in my hometown, which is has the highest occurrence of cancer in Pennsylvania. It gives me an opportunity to see and help people who I've known most of my life, but I don't get to see on a regular basis.

Max and I came down to New Castle Thursday afternoon, as Angie was out of town for the memorial service for the wife of our dear friend. Earlier in the week, the American Cancer Society had a Survivor's Dinner for all those who have had or have cancer in the area. My mother attended, as she is a two time breast cancer survivor. They handed out the team shirts and also the survivor shirts at the dinner, and when I got to her house, she had mine laid out on my childhood bed.

There was something gratifying and sad to see that purple survivor shirt laid out for me, next to the white team shirt. Gratifying because I am able to wear the shirt at all. It's a badge of honor. I beat cancer. Granted, my type of cancer is one of the most curable, but it is cancer nonetheless. And it was sad, because I didn't expect to wear one at this point in my life. But then I thought of the many other people who are diagnosed younger than I am: children who have known nothing but chemo and hospitals all their lives, and I quickly ended my little pity party.

I'm looking forward to participating tomorrow. It has become a bit of a family affair. I whish more of our family would be able to be there, but such is life. I'm so very grateful for all the support of both my friends, Angie's friends, and our co-workers. You have given more weapons with which to strike back against something that rips families apart. People will now have wigs because of you. Because of you, people will be able to get to treatments that otherwise would not have been able to. Low income people (including our family) will now be able to recieve mileage reimbursement because of you, and for someone like me who travels 2 hours away for treatment, that's important! You truly have given hope where there was despair for too many people. I hope that you never have the need for these services, but if you do, may you have the support that you have given us.

I will post pictures tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

If you don't post a photo of yourself, at Coney Island, eating four chili-dogs, two chili-fries, a chili-cheeseburger and a cherry soda: all in one sitting, don't bother posting any photos at all...

Seriously though, I'm glad it went well - I was pulling for you.