Sunday, June 7, 2009

9 Months

Nine months ago (this past Fri) Max entered the world and changed our lives forever. It blows my mind to think it's been nine whole months since our visit to the ER that Wednesday night, the night that turned into an automatic ambulance ride for me and scrambling, packing, phone calling, etc. for Michael. A day and a half later, we had a son. We were not able to touch him immediately after his birth and did not hold him for another two weeks. But we had 'a Max'!

And boy, has that Max grown!

He now has the start of two teeth, a strong set of lungs and spunk to go with it. He's a shameless flirt! He's saying basic things like "Muh", "Da" and "Gee". We both swear we've heard him talk back with "I know" as well. =) His Uncle Dave got him to Army crawl this weekend, too- another first! He's into everything now- hello, baby proofing!

I'm going to go cuddle that sleeping little bugger right now.

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