Monday, February 15, 2010

A Random Act of Kindness

I almost cried at the gym today. And not because I'd pushed myself to the limit (I had) and was tired (I was).

Max and I have developed an awesome daily routine. We get up, have breakfast, play, and get dressed. Then we head to the gym. One of the glories of the Y is that they provide free childcare. Hello, no excuse to not work out daily! As I've mentioned before, this is also good for Max's socialization and Mommy's putting her little boy in the care of others. Though it's further away, we've been going to the bigger branch near the university because it not only has longer morning daycare hours, but also has morning swimming hours. (The branch seven minutes up the road from us only has 3-3:50pm swimming.)

We swim every day for about a half hour or so, pending Max's mood. He's become quite the center of attention in the therapy pool, as the majority of the people in it are upwards of 65 years old. The same bunch of people are usually in the pool at the same time. The other day he was surrounded by no less than 4 elderly people and one of them was talking to him in a Donald Duck voice. He loves the attention and they love his smiles and laughs. Win win for everyone! So anyway, they all know Max and he at least recognizes them. (I think.)

After our swim we go back to the locker room and I get Max dressed, then put him in his umbrella stroller and give him a snack while I get dressed. I've been walking/running on the treadmill every day after our swim, so that's when I take Max to the childcare room. (Where I might add that he is also very popular- all of the babysitters know him by name and gush all over him.)

It's been nice to be able to take the time to shower/dry my hair/etc after my workout each day. Kind of some 'me' time, even if it's just getting ready. Today as I was getting dressed one of the women from the pool stopped me and said "I can tell you're the best mom in the world". I was so touched and thanked her. (Mind you, I was a little uncomfortable that she was all up in my grill while I was half naked.) She stepped even closer and said "You know how I can tell?". "How?" I asked. "Because I've been watching you in the pool and in this locker room and your son exudes such happiness and you can just tell that he adores you."

I almost cried. (Yes, half naked cried.) It was so kind of her to take the time to tell me. Now I'm inspired to perform my own random acts of kindness. Preferably clothed random acts of kindness. :)


PrincessJenn said...

It always means so much when a complete stranger gives you a compliment like that, because you know there's no ulterior motive to it.

I think you're a great mom!!

Cheryl said...

Aww, what a wonderful warm fuzzy!

Lisa said...

That's the perfect way to make someone's day :) That was so nice of her to stop and say something (even if it was a little uncomfortable, what with you being half naked and what not;))

Kekibird said...

Oh wow, love those moments. (even if you were half naked!)