Thursday, December 18, 2008


As most of you know already, tomorrow was the day Michael was going to do his round of chemo. That has since changed- he'll be going in this afternoon. There's apparently a big storm headed this way, so Geisinger actually called him and asked if he wanted to do it today so as to not have to do the one hour drive to & fro tomorrow during the storm. Nice and considerate, eh? He had actually JUST been at Geisinger this morning for an appointment and they called him as he was about half way back here, so now he's on the homestretch to pick up Max and me and then we'll head back.

Here goes...

UPDATE: Scratch that- we're going to keep tomorrow's appointment and brave the weather. We just found out that Max wouldn't be able to go back into the treatment room with us, so he and I would just be sitting in the waiting room, which defeats the purpose of being there with Michael.

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