Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

Hi All- it's been a couple days since our last update and we have lots of (great) news to report!

Michael got through his chemo like a champ on Friday. It was a VERY ugly day weather-wise and it took us an extra hour to get to Geisinger. Michael said they were some of the worst roads he's ever driven. We actually watched a car (who was probably driving too fast for the conditions) almost plow into a police car, which was coincidentially pulled over to help another car who'd gone in the ditch. It literally stopped 2 feet from the police car.

It only took about a half hour to infuse the carboplatinum into his blood stream, followed by about 45 minutes of saline. (We joke that the trip there took longer than the actual chemo!) The nurse who administered it was really wonderful (we wouldn't expect anything less at Geisinger!) and explained everything really in depth beforehand. Michael had a comfy chair (complete with massage and 'butt warming' features!), ginger ale to his heart's content, a TV and probably most importantly- a crossword puzzle book. 

They put him on anti-nausea meds before the chemo and also wrote him prescriptions for some to take at home. Interestingly enough, these meds seem to be what makes him sick! He reports that they give him terrible heartburn and then combine that with hiccups and he gets sick. (And then feels much better once it's over!) He is also quite fatigued, but is thankfully on winter break from school now, so he's able to sleep as much as needed.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that he's also ruggedly handsome! (It might have been 'suggested' that I write that as well, but at least it's true!) :) He's so strong and realizes that he needs to go through this sickness to move on. It doesn't make it any easier to watch, but it's a nice reminder of what a strong-willed and wonderful husband I have. He's the bees knees.

The latest on Aunt Jean is that she's been taken off the respirator and is receiving oxygen through a nose tube. She's also been cleared to have solid food, but doesn't really have an appetite yet. She will probably be moved out of the SICU (surgical intensive care unit) to the MICU (medical intensive care unit) soon as she is no longer in need of the intensive care she has been receiving. It appears that she is preparing for the next step in healing by moving to a rehab floor! She is awake and talking, but gets tired very quickly. She probably has months ahead of her with physical and speech therapy, as she has some trouble at times forming cohesive sentences and thoughts. (They say you can see she knows what she wants to say but just can’t think of the words to say it, which is very frustrating to a woman with a masters and 2 bachelors degrees!) As of this morning (Sunday) her right arm is paralyzed, but her right leg is not, so they're hoping it's temporary paralysis.

The search is on for the woman who hit her. The police fortunately have 3 eye witnesses and all of their stories back each other up. They also have the woman's car on surveillance video, as well as video from a neighbor down the road. Apparently the woman hit Jean, got out of the car and saw that she was not responsive, told the three bystanders to call 911 and got back in the car and DROVE AWAY. When she is caught, she will probably get a minimum of 15 years, maybe more/less depending on whether or not she cooperates with the authorities. Her story has been featured in various media in the NYC area and the state senator has promised the family that they will use Jean's story as an example for other hit-and-run cases in the future.

So all in all, the thoughts and prayers are once again working! 'Tis a Christmas miracle! :) We hope that everyone's holidays are merry and bright! Thank you again for all of your support!

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