Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tears and Laughter = Life Worth Living

Happy New Year!

As I was reflecting about the past 12 months and sitting here thinking about where we were a year ago, I couldn't help but laugh to myself.

Many people have wished us a better year in 2009. Sure, 2008 has been "eventful", but I realized that over the several months, I have laughed more than I have in a long, long time. This is not to say that I was morose or depressed through the early part of 2008. Life just wasn't that exciting. It was good, mind you, but there is a fine line between living and existing, and I fear we were leaning towards the latter.  

Let's recap, shall we?

First, I accomplished a longtime goal of mine by being accepted to graduate school. I'm one of two people who were accepted at Penn State to pursue an MFA in Scenic Design and Technology.

We found out we were pregnant (well, actually, Angie was pregnant). 

Angie got a good, steady job.

We moved to State College and I began classes, which I love.

Maxwell was born. With much fanfare, I might add. And fear. Fear we might lose him so early in our relationship. Fortunately, he's a chip off the old block and apparently a lot tougher than his papa thought an infant could be. He beat the hardest thing in the world to beat: the odds. And it started with the conception (Angie was on the pill). But he's here now and he makes us laugh so much! He's become quite the chatterbox and he has taught me to laugh more.

I was diagnosed with cancer. It was caught early, and I will make a full recovery. This will give me plenty of time to dedicate to bringing about some awareness about testicular cancer. I'm hatching plans for the future.

Sure, we've had tears this year. But the final total points to far more laughs than tears. And really, we can't ask for anymore than that, can we?  

I'm not going to wish for a better 2009 for us. That would be selfish. I'm going to wish that 2009 brings us more laughs than tears, just like this year.

And this is our wish for all of you; 

May laughter fill your hearts, may joy sustain your days, and may the inevitable salty tears that fall serve only to delicately season your life and bring a deeper appreciation of life itself.

Happy New Year!

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