Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aunt Jean Update

Thanks to those of you have recently inquired about my Aunt Jean's condition. The latest is that she has been moved to the Rusk Institute at the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases, one of the country's premiere rehab facilities. She will be there for at least three months and has begun work with neurologists and physical & speech therapists in hopes of gaining back as much independence as possible. My uncle reported last night that she actually WALKED a bit yesterday!!!, but is easily discouraged during speech therapy. As we learned during our month in the NICU with Max- these things take time. (Though we often found ourselves thinking "Patience may be a virtue, but it sure feels like a load of crap!") ;) 

Your continued thoughts & prayers for Jean are appreciated, as well as for my Uncle Allan. The police have not been able to find the woman who hit Jean yet and it's a strong possibility that they may never find her. This makes my blood boil, but my uncle (even through his own anger) is displaying the utmost class and focusing solely on the positive- that my aunt is alive and that they have the opportunity to begin a new journey together. He's a class act.

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liz said...

i work at the hospital for joint diseases - let me know if anyone needs anything - i work in orthopaedics, and administration, but if there's a question of problem, i can try to find out answers