Friday, January 16, 2009

Love = Warm

I feel really thankful today.

It's soooo unbelievably cold outside and though it's small, we have a warm apartment and somewhere to live. More importantly, we have shelter and food for Max. I don't know why I started thinking it as I was driving back from campus this morning- maybe because my face and thighs were still thawing out?- but it just makes me sad to think that there are people out there who don't have homes during frigid temperatures like this, not to mention children without warmth and shelter. I would give my life to make sure my child was warm!

As I was changing Max's diaper and clothes this morning I found myself talking to him and telling him that it doesn't matter how little money we have or how much we may struggle at times to find balance to get everything (i.e. schoolwork, work, etc.) done each day, but all that matters is that we have LOVE. We love each other and we love him more than words... and that makes everything okay.

During cold winter nights in our attic bedroom in Pittsburgh, as we were waiting for the space heater to warm up the room, I used to (half-jokingly) tell Michael that our love would keep us warm. He always had a clever (albeit smart-assy) response, but when it came to write the lyrics to our wedding vow song, he proved he was *really* listening:

"They'll be sun, they'll be rain... they'll be laughter, they'll be pain... but the sunrise of today begets the sunrise of tomorrow. We'll have smiles, we'll have tears- to last all through the years... but our love will keep us warm, this I know."

I'm thankful for that warmth... especially on these subzero days. =)

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