Friday, February 6, 2009

The Holy Grail of Boo-Ya!

Well, Max is now regularly giving us the amazing gift of sleeping through the night! (Or as my husband once stated- 'The Holy Grail of Boo-Ya') He usually goes down anywhere from 9:30-11pm depending on his mood and stays in slumberland until approximately 11-12 hours later! It still amazes me to not need to get up at 3am to feed him. After his morning bottle and a little playtime, he's usually ready to go *back* down for another hour or two! This in itself is awesome for both my work hours, as well as hygeine.

We spent a whirlwind day and a half in Brooklyn last weekend with my uncle, aunt & cousins. Jean is doing quite well and has been moved to another facility in Brooklyn Heights. While some words/thoughts still take time, she is progressing remarkably! I couldn't get over how 'Aunt Jean-like' she sounds... guess I'm still not quite sure what I was expecting, but regardless, I was pleasantly surprised. It was so great to finally see and talk to her again. The same goes for my wonderful uncle, as well as my two cousins whom I haven't seen in at least three years. We were also able to re-meet my cousin's wife and their two sons. (This was the first time I've met them and still have yet to meet my other cousin's son!) It was fun to see Max & Toby (Matt & Allison's youngest) stare each other down in baby mode.

We also got to hang out at Matt & Allison's sweet new store, Robicelli's. Check it out, NYC/Brooklyn! They have awesome organic and sinfully delicious stuff. I had the Tuscany sandwich- chicken breast, homemade pesto, smoked mozzarella and oven-roasted organic tomatoes... TO DIE FOR!

Besides to visit the fam, Michael's goal of the trip was to stock up on some school books at a gimongus bookstore (Strand's) in Union Square. He only got through three floors before he ran out of room in his bags & arms to carry! We're hoping to go back again very soon- I'd like to see the store myself!

We were also thrilled to get to hang out with our friend Robyn and her beau, Pete. The three of us met while working at the infamous theatre in Vermont in the fall of '01 and this was the first time we'd seen her since a) we'd started dating, b) gotten hitched and c) had a baby! She's one of those kind of people who just light up your life with her smile and personality and it was so awesome to see her again. And two thumbs up for Pete as well- this was also our first time meeting him! Treat her well Pete, or we'll have to sic Max on you! ;)

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