Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jean Update

I wanted to put up a quick note to share some amazing news: my Aunt Jean will be going HOME today! It has been two months since she was hit on that horrible day in December and she has defied all odds. When it became clear that she was going to survive the accident, the doctors predicted that she would probably need to spend three months in various rehab facilities. She shaved a whole month off that prediction! It is truly a miracle and we are so thrilled. She will continue to have therapy at home and my uncle's employer is being so awesome in letting him work from home for the time being so he can be with her as she transitions back into home life.

As Michael mentioned in his previous blog, Max and I were in an accident this past weekend on our way to Nana's house. We are both fine! In addition to my little boy being safe, I'm particularly thankful for the understanding and kind words of the gentleman who I accidentally pulled out in front of (darn blind spot!). I'm proud that I held it together as we were talking to the police and exchanging insurance information, but I started to lose it towards the end. As I was apologizing profusely and starting to get teary, the man said "Honey, you can replace car parts, but you can't replace people. You're fine. Your baby is fine. I'm fine. It's dark and snowy and it was just an accident, it's okay". And then he made sure I'd stopped crying before I got back into the car to drive away. Sometimes the kindness of strangers amazes me. 

On a side note, the reason we'd stopped was because Max was screaming his little head off and I was afraid he wasn't breathing in between screams. (He kind of looked like Bob the Tomato from Veggie Tales.) After the police arrived, the officer asked if Max was okay. We peered in the car window... and the stinker was sound asleep. Go figure!  

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