Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pregnancy Dishes for the Non-Pregnant

Shortly after my pregnancy was confirmed, we learned that I had developed gestational diabetes. Ever the caretaker and doting huband/father-to-be, Michael suggested we head to Barnes & Noble to pick up some pregnancy & diabetic cookbooks. 

One of our favorites turned out to be Eating for Pregnancy. It has delicious recipes that were not only great for during the pregnancy, but are used even to this day. I like them because they're 'healthy without being overly healthy'. (Read: I never felt like I was being starved just because I was eating for diabetes) Michael says it's his favorite cookbook, so much that a bulk of our meals come from this book, which says a lot! 

Some of our favorite recipes:
- Black Bean Dip
- Crab Cakes w/red bell pepper sauce
- Salsa Verde
- Vegetarian Curry 

Drop us a line if you'd like any of these recipes. Or better yet, buy the book for yourself- you won't regret it! (Link to Amazon above!)

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