Thursday, March 25, 2010

18 Month Check-Up

Max had his year and a half wellness check-up this morning. Little Dude now weighs in at 21 lbs, 4 oz and is 32.5" tall. I was concerned that he'd only gained a half pound since his last check-up, but his pediatrician wasn't worried and even suggested that he 'just might be destined to be slender'. Is it wrong that I laughed? :) In any case, all looks great in Max Land and his future's so bright he's gotta wear shades!

In other news, Michael had his three month CT scan on Monday... and all is clear! BOO-YA!

Today is both of my brother's birthdays! Happy Birthday, Guys! We love you!


Amy Brown said...

all clear! fantastic news!

Geophrie said...

Wonderful news all around. Glad to hear the Benson three are better than ever!

Kekibird said...

A double whammie of good news!