Friday, March 5, 2010

Pinch Hitter

One of my college roommates, Calley, gave Max the big stuffed elephant (above) as a gift when he was born. 'Elephunk' has since become his comfort toy. One night a couple months ago we stayed at my brother-in-law's place, but forgot Elephunk at Nana's house an hour away. We tried to put Max down to bed (hoping he'd forget), but he wasn't having it. Not without my elephant! Michael finally ended up driving back to retrieve it and as soon as he walked back in the front door and picked Max up, he was asleep on his shoulder. Elephunk's selling point is that he has a tail that Max can hold as he sucks his thumb.

Shortly after that event, I broke down and asked Cal where she'd gotten the elephant in hopes of getting a 'back up'. Unfortunately, the store no longer sold them. Max & I were at Barnes & Noble this afternoon and found the smaller elephant above in the kids section. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw it, so I checked the texture (same as Elephunk's! And it has a tail!) and the rest was history. Little Dude was thrilled.

Finally! We have another elephant to keep Max distracted so we can wash Elephunk! Now we just need to name the little one... Phunkarella? Ella?

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Lisa said...

It is so sweet and cute when kids get attached to something. Although it can be nerve-wracking when they are separated. My daughter has a blankie that she cannot live without.

So glad you found a standby. Love the name of Max's lovie!!