Saturday, March 27, 2010


Bruce is the name I gave my right big toe back in my college days. Believe it or not, I dare say I was sober when I named him! I can't remember the reason why, but it seemed (and still seems) fun at the time. *teehee*

Bruce is broken.

This past Sunday I tripped on the curb while taking the garbage out in the dark. (Smart, I know!) I would have taken a major faceplant had I not caught my balance, but it didn't register that Bruce might actually be broken until Wednesday night. I honestly thought the puffiness/discomfort was from the fact that I wore heels for the first time in forever for my show last week. I worked out on Monday, but then took the rest of the week off because it was so painful and finally called the doctor on Thursday.

Max passed the time away by flirting with all of the nurses on the floor. He (willingly) went to the nurse who checked me in and they left the room to visit the others while I waited for my doctor. That kid is shameless! After the initial exam, I was sent upstairs to get x-rayed. And yes, Max flirted with MORE nurses while I was in the x-ray room! (I'll admit, he *was* pretty adorable in his Osh Kosh B'Gosh overalls and Penn State sweatshirt.)

Long story short, Bruce is 'mildly' broken. Had the impact been thismuch harder I would have fractured him and had to have worn a cast & boot, so if there's any kind of broken toe to have, this is the one. I'll have it taped for 2-3 weeks and have instructions for no running. I'm to use 'good judgement' on walking workouts, but was gently reminded that the more I push the longer it'll take to heal. So I guess I'm more or less back on the 'couch' part of the Couch To 5K plan. ;) For now anyway.

Perhaps you're all thinking it's weird that my toe (and only this particular one) has a name? Yes, I'll admit it- it's definitely weird. Or 'quirky' as I prefer to call it. This whole broken toe thing amuses me even more BECAUSE it has a name! My college roommates are probably the only people who truly understand because they were there when I went looney tunes and named it. They sent very thoughtful texts and voicemails yesterday (to him) as I waited for my appointment. They care about poor ol' Brucie like he's family. HAHA!

And as for my husband, bless him for 'playing along' with me...

Me: "Bruce doesn't look so good tonight"
Michael: "No, he sure doesn't"

See? LOVE that he totally goes with me on it and refers to Bruce by his correct gender. :) Again, not sure why he has a name OR a gender.

Not sure how I made it 33 years without a broken bone either! Victory?!


Lu said...

Dude. You are so funny. I am so sorry to hear about bruce! I am glad you get to skip the cast and all that, but OUCH! I hope you truly take it as easy as possible and he is back up and running soon.
All my love to Bruce.

Cheryl said...

It delights me that your big toe has a name. :)