Thursday, March 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

This morning Max and I headed to the gym to swim during the early morning open swim hours. We left the house at 8, arrived by 8:25, suited up and took a (cold) shower by 8:35 and walked out of the locker room to the pool... the pool that is currently closed during spring break for cleaning. Um, whoops. So we took a nice (warm) shower, got dressed and Max went to play in the daycare room while I worked out.

As we were *leaving* I noticed a big fat sign on the front door saying "Therapy pool closed this week for cleaning". For real. Not sure how I missed it on the way in?! What can I say? I walk with purpose. Perhaps we'll try the other branch for swimming this afternoon, but I think I'll call to make sure it's open first.

Last night I had a dream that my tour buddy Devin and I were on a gold medal winning Olympic hockey team. (I don't remember which country we were playing for.) We had rehearsal for a show that night (apparently after we'd won the medals), so we wore them to rehearsal. We were the most badass drummer & keyboardist EVER.

It actually feels like spring this week! Our trusty outdoor thermometer is currently showing 60 degrees and it's sunny and amazing. This makes me gleeful!

I love that Elmo's pet fish is named Dorothy. Cracks me up.

Two of my online 'Mom Friends' (Colleen & Meredith) are running a 15K this weekend. They're my heroes.

Elephunk's mini-me has been named Elephink. :)

My cousin Matt and his wife own a cupcake business in Brooklyn. Not sure why I torture myself (and you guys!), but here's some of their latest flavors:

'Chocolate Turtle': Chocolate cake w/salted caramel buttercream, candied pecans, ganache & caramel drizzle

'Butterbeer': Vanilla cake soaked w/homemade butterscotch, butterscotch buttercream & edible gold dust

'Chocolate Grasshopper': Mint chocolate-chocolate chip cake w/mint buttercream and crushed chocolate

Note: I feel like I should go work out again after just typing all of that!

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Cara said...

I need those cupcakes. Seriously. Do they deliver? :p

And the pool totally something I would do!