Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ahhh, technology!

When my siblings and I were younger, one of our favorite pasttimes was going to swim at the 'high school pool'. We lived a mere 5 blocks from it, so we were allowed to ride our bikes or walk to it often during the hot summers. We had a family pass and we definitely made use of the unlimited swimming. Each of us had a silver safety pin that we pinned on our suits.

On the occasion that we went swimming in the evening, we'd call our parents from the pay phone in the lobby to let them know that we were ready for pick-up by calling the operator and placing a collect call. I can't even count the number of calls we made that went like this: "Hello, you have a collect call from Werereadycanyoucomepickusup. Will you accept the charges?"

They never did and we always had a ride home. :)

The point for this story is that I'm in constant amazement of technology. I fought getting a cell phone for the longest time (my ten years younger brother even had one before I did!). I finally gave in while I was on tour in '03 and my long distance relationship with Michael was blossoming. (Mind you, I owe my roommate Michele a ton for the lend of HER cell phone until I finally got my own!) The fact that I can access my email, internet, Facebook and about a gazillion other things on my phone now is just ridiculous. I'm in love with my BlackBerry, but sometimes it scares me. With. It's. Sheer. Power.

And don't get me started on computers! We've had the misfortune of both our desktop and my laptop kicking the bucket in recent months, but we still have Michael's laptop. (Thankfully!) And this afternoon I'm about to charter new waters: I'm auditioning a drummer for one of my fall shows via SKYPE.

Yes, that's right. He's going to set up his drumset somewhere else in PA and I'm going to video call him to watch/hear him play. This is blowing my mind!

And I love it. :)

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colleen said...

This is awesome. AWESOME.