Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Transition Time...

Dear Max,

You are currently 21 months and 10 days old. Last night you gave me the second biggest scare of my life with you thus far- you crawled/fell out of your crib. Oh, mylanta!

You'd had a fun bath and had even let me read you three whole stories before I put you down. You weren't happy when I did, though. And you let me know it. I knew you were tired though, Little Stinker, so I left the room. As I was about to close the door I saw you kick your leg up over the side of the crib railing. Where did you get that flexibility?! (Certainly not from your parental units!) I knew that was Bad News Bears right away, but you sat back down and I closed the door.

You continued to cry and wail. Not even Miles Davis could soothe you! And then I heard it: a scream like none of the others and a thud. I KNEW.

I ran to your room within two seconds and you were lying on your back ON THE FLOOR and doing that scary scream cry thing where your face turns completely red because you're crying so hard and aren't breathing. I picked you up, got you to breathe and we sat there on the floor together- rocking and crying.

You were okay within 5 minutes or so, but I wasn't. (I might be a little 'over dramatic' and 'touchy' when it comes to things regarding your well-being.) We went back out to the living room and cuddled in the recliner while watching Toy Story 2 and waiting for your Dad to get home from work. When he arrived, you greeted him in your usual cheery way. He read you some more stories and you enjoyed your 'Man Time', then went down for bed like a perfect angel.

Tonight I learned why you wouldn't go down for me. I apparently forgot to make your stuffed penguin 'Gee' dance and tickle you before putting you down. My bad.

I'm so glad you're okay, Bubba.


P.S. You don't know it yet, but you're totally getting a big boy bed w/railings this weekend. And we're going to appoint Bernie as your guard dog.


Geophrie said...

I was terrified just by reading this. Glad the little one is ok.

What do you mean he doesn't get his flexibility from his parents? Have you seen Michael's high kicks????


Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

OMG that's scary isn't it? Jaxson has fallen off of our bed a couple of times.

Don't worry that's why they have hard heads!

Lu said...

OMG! You know it's funny with as crazy as Mason is he never tried that. He would still be in his crib if I let him, but he is man sized. He switched to a twin with rails like a champ though, good luck! xoxo