Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Well, the transition has been made! Max has now successfully slept in his big boy bed for three nights. I'm probably jinxing us by even writing about it, but it turned out to be a very smooth transition.

We decided to put Max in a regular single bed (with a railing) right away instead of spending the money on a toddler bed he'd outgrow. Michael went to pick up his childhood single, the headboard and some bedding on Saturday. Max and I stayed in town and made a trip to Target so he could pick out his own sheets. I'd been thinking all along that he'd go for Thomas the Train (trains are his big thing right now), but there was no doubt of the winner when his eyes lit up at the sight of Toy Story 3 sheets!

To say that the transition has been a dream would be an understatement. The first night (Sat) I only had to put him back into bed 10 times in a span of 10 minutes. The following night, it took Michael only 4 times and last night NONE. He just had to encourage Max to lie down as he was leaving the room and that was it- he was out! We're fortunate that he loves his new bed so much! I even found him playing on it earlier this afternoon, just hanging out. So awesome.

The other perk is that he's been getting solid sleep. We figure it's due to the extra warmth of the blankets (being tucked in is kind of like being back in the womb?) and he wakes up fully refreshed and chipper in the mornings.

Including this morning at 5am.

We'll work on that one...


cindy w said...

Nice! We went straight to a standard twin-size bed too (with what looks like the exact same guard rail that you have), and it was the smartest thing ever. Mainly because if, say, she has a nightmare & needs to be comforted in the middle of the night, I can just lie down in the bed with her and close my eyes while I get her settled down. MUCH nicer than sitting on the floor next to a toddler bed!

Also, I think it helped with her whole "I'm a big kid" self-image, which helped us transition into potty training and a million other toddler roadblocks. So, yay! Big kid beds! Woo-hoo!!

colleen said...

ooooh! 5am. that one sort of stinks. But yay on the rest! He is SO CUTE!