Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Oy, that Smarts!

Well, it's been 24 hours, and I gotta admit, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Now, granted, I'm not ready to run, jump, or even get out of bed too quickly, but all in all, it's really no big deal.

The incision hurts the most. Laughing and coughing are a real drag. It feels like I've done 3000 situps on my left side. I keep looking for the six pack abs, but alas, no luck.

I don't "feel" any different, at least not yet. That may change after the swelling goes down, but at this point, I'm glad I didn't opt for the prosthetic. There's very little soreness in my groin. They gave me perkoset, and I took two on the ride home, but other than that, I've been doing fine with 4 ibuprofen every so often.

I've never had surgery before when I've been under a general anesthesia, so the whole experience was a little weird. Literally, I'm breathing deep, and the next thing I know, the nurse is waking me up in recovery. Crazy. I slept like a drugged up baby last night, and I'm sure my wife checked up on me more than she's telling me. Today, I kinda drifted in and out of sleep, and played with Max a bit.

On Monday, I have my follow up appointment. They'll take another blood draw to look for a decrease in the tumor markers, and they'll go over the results of the CAT scan I'll have on Friday. Hopefully, the surgery is all I'm going to need at this point, in addition to a lot of follow up appointments.

I'm really glad I checked myself. I wish men would feel as comfortable talking about this as women were about breast cancer. So much machismo is based on our genitals. But how butch is a corpse? As Angie will tell you, I'm not really shy about talking about anything. I'll go into great descriptive detail if anyone has any questions. If one person can learn something, then it makes this even more meaningful for me.

I'll keep everyone updates as events warrant.


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