Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Visitors

This has been a great week or so for visitors. Nana was here last weekend, Grandma Kathy is now here for the week and Uncle Dave and our friend Jay arrived last night. I've been taking pictures like a fiend and will be sure to post some soon!

Nana and Dave first met Max the day he was born, which also ended up being the night they didn't think he would survive. Grandma Kathy & Grandpa Stu Fu flew in from Minnesota a couple weeks later while he was still in the NICU. Suffice it to say, the boy they're re-meeting this week is a completely different person! It's so fun to watch them interact with him. Aunt Dr. Becky, Uncle James and Aunt Katie will meet him in a couple weeks at Thanksgiving, too.

Way back when we met at that crazy little theatre in Vermont in '01 and were 'just friends', we had lengthy conversations about our families and how important they were to us. And since our marriage in '06 and eventual plans to have child/ren, we knew they would have an amazing family and support system.

This is (of course) true to the day and it's too bad Max isn't loved and adored. ;) We are so lucky.

P.S. Max was a champ at his doctor's appointment yesterday. He received four shots and Mom cried like a baby. He also weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs, 13 oz! (This is up from 7 lbs, 15 oz. last Wednesday!) We're guessing he'll be at least 10 lbs by Christmas.


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Anonymous said...

Hey Max - you are growing like a champ. Tell your Grandma Kathy hi from me. Make sure she spoils you lots while she is there. And Isak says "Hi Baby Max."