Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Call us new parents: we're living on little to no sleep, yet when our child finally gives in to the Sandman, we freak out and run to check to make sure he's breathing. (Above you'll catch us in a few rare moments!)

Michael has been working on a term paper and I on my work typing. We try to take turns with Max, but sometimes it feels like we're not getting anything accomplished. This is normal, right?

We've found that Max strongly dislikes sleeping on his back. He's a perfect angel when he's being held, though. He'll fall asleep in your arms like a champ and stay there for hours! (We often get him to calm down by lying in the recliner with him.) I need to write my letter to Santa and get it sent off to the North Pole soon- I'm asking for an extra set of arms this year. (One for holding the boy, one for working! Oh, how productive I'd be!...)

We've been having what fun we can with the lack of sleep, though. We just celebrated an hour and 45 minutes of Max staying asleep (or quiet enough to not need to be picked up) by doing happy dances in our pajamas. We raised the roof and did the sprinkler and worm! =)

We're exhausted, delirious and overwhelmed with life, but we've still got a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. And there's no one I'd rather be exhausted, delirious and overwhelmed with than Michael.

Guess it's time to go feed that crying baby...


Jayne said...

Angie - Do you have one of those "sling" type things? A young mom from church has used it with all three of her children and even does demonstrations for mom groups. If you're interested, let me know and I'll speak with her. It allows you to hold the baby close with your hands free.


Anonymous said...

I have 1/20th of the commitments / issues and I often feel overwhelmed. You have put my life into perspective.

Also, Max is off the cuteness scale.

Aubry said...

Hey Ang, its all normal, Joseph only slept on me in the recliner for like the first 3 months. It sucks. He has yet to sleep through the night. Its ben 2 long years. I know its hard and can be really overwhelming, just b sure to get a break every now and then. Its easy to be all baby all the time but you do need some ME time. xoxoxo Happy Turkey Day