Friday, July 31, 2009

At Last.

Well, the time nearly at hand when I will board a plane and say "adieu" to London.

I can't wait.

It's been a trip of a lifetime, and I've learned many things on this trip about history, architecture, design, Europeans, drinking, art, and photography. I've learned 5 weeks is about 4 1/2 weeks too long to be away from your family. I've learned about myself; as an artist, theatre critic, father, and who I am and who I want to be. I've learned it doesn't matter what the city is, I'm not a city boy. Pittsburgh is it for me, that's about as "city" as I care to get. I've learned what good theatre should be and what its place is in our world. I saw Phedre by Racine at the National today, starring Helen Mirren and Dominic Cooper. The best acting I've seen the whole trip was not by them, but by a secondary character as he describes the death of Hippolytus to Theseus. I was on the edge of my seat (which happened to be front row, center joke...I could have touched Dame Mirren if I wanted to) with tears in my eyes, it was so moving. That's what I want to do. (oh, Helen Mirren was fantastic, too, but this was one of those moments that transcends all else).

So tonight, a few of us decided to walk around the city after the show and take night pictures of London. It was rough going as I didn't have a tripod, but I think I got some good ones. I've enjoyed taking pictures here and getting used to my camera. I'm still a long way off from taking headshots for people, but it's at the point where I'm wishing I had another lens...

So, in 5 hours, I'll board a bus to take me to Heathrow where I'll sit for 4 hours and then fly for another 7, and then have a 5 hour bus trip to State College where I'll kiss my wife, hug my son, and cry like a damned baby because I've missed them so much. We'll have the weekend to ourselves and then we'll head to Pittsburgh to be with my mother as she has her knee replaced, but not before we partake in Uncle Dave's Seafood Extravaganza with Uncle James and Aunt Katie.

Lots of family. 22 hours and counting...

PS: I'm still a 12 year old kid at heart.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing while on your trip. I felt like I was there.