Friday, July 24, 2009

Really? Oink, Oink?

I don't know what the news in the states has been (just recently found out that Roethlisberger was accused of rape), but here, swine flu is the headline getter. And guess what?

I've been exposed.

One of our flat mates came down with the symptoms, and called the national health line set up just for swine flu. Long story short, she checked off enough symptoms that they have told her to quarantine herself for a week, and gave her access to the precious swine flu drug. Her bedroom mate has move out (good for her) and now we're all in a state of flux. Why? Because the leadership abilities of the professors on this trip is nihl. One couldn't be reached because he has no cell phone here (everyone else got one for 20 pounds as soon as they clue why he couldn't get one) and the other one can't make a decision without his input, and so she went to a show that she was scheduled to be at. So now, we have a student, 3000 miles away from home, sitting in a room by herself, with no authoritative supervision tending to aquiring her what she needs. She has not been to a doctor, nor has any arraingements been made for her to get one. A phone call was made to one of the other students in the flat asking "how we were"? That was the extent of checking up on the situation. I'm quite upset, as are the other members of the flat.

Well, that's that, except the show I saw tonight was just awful and really wished I had gone to see something else instead.

May be home in a week...or not....may be quarantined.


thepsychobabble said...

oh lovely leadership there. Sorry to hear, hope you don't all wind up quarantined!

Anonymous said...

But, if you are quarantined, we all have reason to visit!