Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Has it really been a week?!?

Wow, a week since my last blog....whoops.

Well, this weekend I went to Ireland. Dublin, really, with a side trip to Howth. I had a check list of things to do.

1. Visit the Guinness Brewery.

2. Have some authentic salmon boxty.
3. Visit some cathedrals.

4. Visit the coast.


That was really my agenda going over. Nothing fancy, just get a feel for the country. The people are far nicer than in London, but the country itself is not nearly as wealthy.

We saw Christschurch and also St. Pat (which is the picture I've posted here.) Unlike cathedrals and historic places in England, you can can pictures of the Irish landmarks. And I did. I think I shot 500 pictures over the weekend. One of the more amazing places we went was Kilmainham Goal. It was a moving visit that really brought to life the struggle for Irish independence and unity. In our country, we have Independence Hall as a landmark representing our independence. The fact that Irelands comparable site is a jail is telling. If you ever make it over there, I highly recommend visiting.Howth (pronounced HOOT) is a little town on the seaside. Very charming. Lots of seafood. We walked around the area and found an abandoned abbey and I got some very cool pictures.
Well, that's enough for now. Hopefully I won't be as tardy in getting my next pictures up. Less than 2 weeks until I hold my son and kiss my wife!

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