Sunday, July 12, 2009

Catch up Post.

Its been a while...between shows and talking about them at the pub, there's not a lot of time to post stuff, but here's a run down of what's been happening.

This week we went to Bath. This photo is of...the bath.
It's not the original Roman bath, but a Victorian recreation, which was pretty far off the mark. I'm glad a went to Bath, but I'm fine if I never go back. It was, in my estimation, a 1000 year old Las Vegas. Very touristy, centered around water. No gambling, but the Crescent looks an awful lot like the Bellagio

We also had a tour of the Royal Opera House. That was very cool. I could tell you all about the slip stages, the automated set unloading equipment, and how they change over from a ballet to an opera in less than two hours, but I wouldn't be able to explain the details in a way that wouldn't give me carpel tunnel syndrome. I will say that I thought it was very cool, but looking back on it, I should have asked the question of "what happens when a mechanized part breaks in the middle of a change over?" because as far as I could see, they would have been screwed.

I did some Robert Adam research on my free time, in amongst the rain drops. I also appeased my wife and saw Billy Elliot. I liked it better than I thought I would, but not as much as a good dramatic stage piece. I will say that there is more to the story than the plot about a 12 year old kid who wants to dance. The second act is all about the father, who has to make a choice between standing with his union/community/tradition and choosing to support Billy and is rather untraditional choice of becoming a ballet dancer. No small feat. This was the more gripping of the two acts for me, not because I'm worried Max will choose to become something that I disapprove of, but rather it posed the problem of listening to that voice inside that says "you're right" when every other sign points to the opposite.

Today, I'm debating on whether to go to Harrods or to Osterly house. Osterly house was designed by Robert Adam. However, you can't take pictures of the inside of the house, and it's 9 pounds to get in. I could buy the guidebook for 5. Anyway, it is a quandary....

I leave you with the most interesting piece of architecture in Bath...the Abbey. The ceiling is a fantastic example of fan vaulting, a very English means of supporting a roof. It's part of the English Gothic era (the last part of it, actually). The stained glass is pretty special too.

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Opus said...

My sentiments exactly about Bath. If I never see another piece of Georgian architecture. . . . Our tour guide (back in 2000) was soooo excited about Bath and it was soooooo NOT exciting.