Saturday, July 25, 2009

Piggie Update...

The professor who lives in London took the infected student to her house this morning. Fine, but the professor is no spring chicken, and from what I understand, the older citizens are at risk.

The American professor sent us an email saying that whatever we're thinking, we shouldn't get nervous or panic. He extended an invitation for coffee for anyone who was nervous. We would have to get in touch with him via email to set up the coffee, as he has no phone. As far as I know, no one has taken him up on his offer. Can't imagine him being very comforting since no one trusts him very much. He's proven to be out of touch and out of date. Besides, we're all adults, and the exposure was no one's fault. Whatever happens, happens. What was disappointing was the ability of the leadership of our group to tackle the crisis with swift and authoritative decision making. But none of us were surprised to see that.

Finally, received another email from London-based professor saying that she did have swine flu and that she's staying with her at her house. We should call the professor if we get sick. Unfortunately, that's our only option.

Walked around a lot today, went to Harrods and got their Christmas Teddy Bear for Maxwell, because the bear is named...Maxwell. Also spent 2.5 hours at the Victoria and Albert Museum and saw most of the things I didn't see when I was there earlier.

Off to see A Little Night Music tonight. This is their closing night. Saved 30 pounds by going to TKTS....

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