Sunday, July 5, 2009


So, I got up later today...I'm still having a tough time sleeping since the quitting of the smoking. Anyway, I planned my day and thought I would head out and see Osterly House, which is one of the houses that my subject of study, Robert Adam, designed. Well, I plan my route carefully, and have alternative routes and trips planned and head out with my trusty camera and backpack. Well, I get to the first transfer of the tubes and see that the trains aren't running out that way today. Huh. Go figure. Well, that's what the back up plan is to Hampsted Heath.

This place is really neat. Designed by Robert Adam for the 1st Earl of Marlbury. Nice little summer cottage for them, I guess, and TONS of art work inside which is why...

no cameras allowed. Duh-oh!

I thought about bargaining with them by saying I'd only take pictures of the architecture, but I don't think they would go for it.

Anyway, this is a really good place a little off the beaten path to see some amazing artwork from the english renaissance. The house is amazing, of course, and the grounds are pretty nifty too. They're open to the public, and there were a ton of families having picnics and playing outdoor games and such. Quite touching to see. Made me long for my own family.

But then I went toy shopping for Max at Hamley's. Christmas will be good to him this year. Daddy found some nice, traditionalist toys.

Talk to you later!

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